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Wednesday, 8 February 2017



Looking for the perfect recipe to surprise a special Mum in your life? Look no further! These energy boosting green pancakes are delicious and nutritious.

Make them small or large. Delicious with berries and maple syrup. 

Super-Mum Spinach Pancakes Recipe: 

Pancake Ingredients:

3 x Ripe Bananas (medium size) OR  2 x Large Ripe Bananas

2 x Cups Fresh Baby Spinach

1 x Cup Rice Milk 

1½ x Cups Gluten Free Self-Raising Flour

2 x Tbsp Golden Syrup

2 x Tbsp Rice Flour

⅓ x Cup Rice Bran Oil 

1 x Tsp Vanilla Bean Paste

For Cooking:

1 x Tbsp Rice Bran Oil

Baking paper cut to circles to fit your fry pan



Add all of the pancake ingredients to a bowl and stick mix until smooth. About 1 minute. 

Add ½ Tbsp of Rice bran oil to pan on medium heat. 

Put baking paper on top of oil in pan. 

Spoon or pour batter to size and shape of desired pancake. I usually do three in the pan, a tablespoon of batter each. 

When bubbles start to appear on top flip pancake over. You may need an extra spoon to stabilise the baking paper. 

When second side is coloured nicely (happens quickly for the second side) remove pancakes from pan. 

Continue until all the batter is gone. 


24 Mini Pancakes. 


Don't worry if you burn or undercook the first one. Everyone does in the history of pancakes. Bin and carry on. 

The baking paper is useful for cooking without egg as batter becomes very sticky, even on "non-stick" surfaces.

Rice milk can be substituted for cows milk.

Rice flour and Golden syrup can be substituted for an egg.

Gluten free self-raising flour can be substituted for regular self-raising flour. 

If you are wanting to use another type of flour such as oat or spelt, it might be better to do half plain/ half alternative flour as batter can get heavy and chewy. 

Perfect for kids! Lunchbox friendly. Coconut yogurt is fun for dipping. 

How romantic... Dig in! 


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