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Friday, 2 September 2016


What is the news doing to our babies?

World news follows us everywhere. Everyday. In our cars on the way to work, on our Facebook feed, in our homes, in conversations, even in our laundry... probably.

It's important (and often expected of us) to know whats happening to advocate and respond to important issues. But really. We're making babies. Ain't nobody got time for that. 

Every day we are bombarded with popularised version of the 'news'. The media select stories aimed at ratings and clicks. The more emotionally distressing, the more clicks and responses.

But do these stories affect us?  And especially for pregnant women and new mothers- what is the impact on our children when we read about another mother's children that we can't save? 

Here's a science bomb. No pun intended. And if it had been it wasn't punny. Keep reading though it's worth it.

When we read about these events or see them on television our bodies illicit a stress response. Stressful huh?

Basically our hormones click into fight or flight mode. This prepares the neurotransmitters in our babies' brains for danger that isn't imminent or even directed at them. The impact of our fight/flight responses create a ripple metabolic effect that has detrimental consequences. Basically we're freaking our babies out. 

Stress is bad for pregnancy. Yet we are subjecting ourselves and our families to the weight of the world, rather than focussing inwards on our humans, the ones who will be taking the reigns for the world of the future. Let's surround them in love and certainty while we have the privilege to do so; to raise them to be trusting and peaceful, caring and loving. 

As much as we might like to tell ourselves a bit of news won't stress us out- how can we predict what will be in the news next? Is the benefit of hearing Waleed and Carrie's witty banter really worth the risk?

The stress response also uses up nutrients that are required to remain calm and collected in other scenarios- like dispelling the tantrum our two year old is having in Woolworths, when the toilet paper roll has been left empty in an untimely way, or when a stranger rubs your pregnant belly- for reals. GTFO.

Stress also impacts the immune system. Which we need. For living. 

Really ladies and gents, Elsa had it right. It's ok to let it go.

At least for a short time anyway.

By steering clear of emotionally charged sensationalist 'news broadcasters' on our Facebook and twitter accounts we could be doing our babies and families a massive favour... not to mention saving time!

Heck, let's unfollow friends' feeds if they frequently post about the news (I am this person and wouldn't be offended even if I did know- which I wouldn't as it is a private function).

While we're there, let's de-friend anyone you don't like too- if they aren't friends in real life why are they friends on Facebook?

Let's use our pregnancy and newborn-mother phase to create safe spaces, where little bodies receive your warmth and compassion that you haven't exhausted on a stranger. 

Or don't. I'm not your mum. 

Leave a comment if this resonated with you... or the opposite!


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