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Thursday, 16 June 2016


Complete Package Testimonials

"What an amazing experience. Ellen helped us create with the birth of our second son. Words cannot describe how you were there in exactly the way that we needed and helped with our older son being present through part of the labour. 

The debriefing a few days later with a home made picnic was a great way to finish. Thank you so much Ellen. You will always have a special place in our hearts. x"


"My name is Fiona and I had my son through the regular public hospital system. That would have been ok, but I imagine it would have been a very different experience without Ellen.  The midwives at the hospital were fantastic, but you get a different person every shift (I had a very long labour) and Ellen was the constant and reassuring support that I needed - before, during and after.

I can't recommend Ellen highly enough. I found her through a friend who says the same thing.  From the first meeting I felt comfortable and trusting with Ellen. It was very clear that she really knew her stuff and was up to date with the latest hospital procedures, facilities and capabilities. She was studying midwifery at the time.

She drove the 2 hours to my place about six times before, after and during my pregnancy and birth.  I had heard an ABC programme where they interviewed a female midwife, male obstetrician and a female doula with differing opinions and backgrounds, and every one of them recommended that "continuity of care" is the best way to prepare and get through birth, especially if it's your first baby.  To know and trust the person who will be coaching you through one of the hardest (and best) challenges of your life, is impossible to match. 

In the words of my friend who recommended Ellen to me - 'Doing a birthing course is like reading a book on athletics. Having a doula is like being coached up to and through the biggest race of your life.'

Ellen made me feel like I could do anything. And lucky for me, I had a natural birth with just gas pain relief at the end. But it was her talking me through every moment and reassuring me that everything was going correctly, that enabled me to let my body do what it needed to do, without any inhibitions from my mind. She allayed my fears and made the whole experience empowering.

Your partner/husband also benefits from the support of a doula on a practical and emotional level, particularly if it’s your first child together.

Lastly, Ellen visited us afterwards and showed us how to bath, carrier wrap and swaddle our newborn boy, among other countless gems of wisdom which helped immensely in those first weeks.  We really couldn’t have asked for more."
~ Fiona

Birth Planning Testemonials

"I'm so grateful for Ellen's help with my birth plan for my second labour. After feeling pressured into medical interventions with my first labour, I really appreciated having Ellen's knowledge and insight into what interventions are necessary and what are merely convenient for the staff. 

Ellen was able to help me figure out how I wanted my second labour to progress if possible and the best ways that my husband and I could ensure our voices were heard while working alongside the hospital staff. 

She is so friendly, encouraging and supportive of your wishes. Ellen really goes above and beyond to care for you and make sure you feel empowered before your labour. 

This time around, I felt much more prepared and confident. I was able to vocalise my wishes and even have the birth I'd hoped for!"
~ Alison

"Ellen helped me significantly in the months leading up to my labour. Being my first pregnancy, both my husband and I had no idea what to expect both physically and emotionally.

Ellen guided us both throughout the whole process, and the knowledge we gained from her was invaluable -many times more useful than any class we took, or book we read. She was understanding, patient, supportive of the birth experience I had envisioned for myself, and completely non-judgemental.

What I loved and appreciated most about my time with Ellen was her total honesty about the birth process. It was this openness and her laid-back, calming presence that helped ease any fears/concerns I had regarding labour, and replace them instead with a feeling of overwhelming empowerment.

Ellen - I can't thank you enough for all that you did for us! I couldn't have asked for a better doula experience.
~ Alisha

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