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Sunday, 22 May 2016


Doula Dos and Doula Don'ts

Time to do some Doula myth busting! What exactly does a Doula do?

Here is a quick guide to Doula dos and don'ts:

Doula Dos!
  • A Doula does support your decision making process by providing information and options.
  • A Doula does support you in labour, by offering massage, verbal guidance, emotional reassurance and comfort, position changes, water, ice, heat packs and space as needed.
  • A Doula does help you prepare for birth. Creating a birth preference list is a wonderful way that you can begin to make informed decisions about what you want and expect from your birth.
  • A Doula gets to know you and your family.
  • A Doula answers your questions! And if she doesn't know, she knows where to start looking for answers.
  • A Doula supports your whole family, including children and partners. A Doula often creates the space for partners to support you in birth in the way that they need and want to, rather than worrying about what to do, they can just be with you.
  • A Doula does support surgical births! Including creating a birth plan for this, often a Doula will have a few tips and tricks up her sleeve to help you and baby.
  • A Doula trusts you, and your body!
  • A Doula does understand the medical system, which means that she can explain things to you clearly and without medical jargon.

Doula Don'ts
  • A Doula doesn't make assumptions about what your ideal birth is.
    A Doula doesn't judge your decisions- this is your birth, body, baby.
  • A Doula doesn't perform clinical tasks- no internal examinations, or monitor reading here!
  • A Doula doesn't have an agenda- just supporting you.
  • A Doula doesn't make decisions for you- that's your role!
  • A Doula doesn't give you advice! (but does give you options)

There you have it- now that you are clear on the role of a Doula... it's time to decide whether hiring a Doula is right for you!

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  1. I know a lot of mums that would have benifited from a little extra support and it's important for women to know where they can get it from. Thank goodness for Doula's :D


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